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This is an e-mail listserve, where members send and receive messages that are shared by all other member subscribers. It is a forum, in the traditional sense, where ALPCA members may discuss and ask questions related to club actions, policies and procedures as well as general license plate related topics. It is hoped that this list will be a place where club members can find and provide license plate and club information, as well as further the club's goal of promoting the fraternization of the license plate collecting hobby.

Advertisements on this list are allowed under the following policy:
Each advertising submission must have the word ADVERTISEMENT in the subject line.
Advertising that is not related to license plate collecting is prohibited.
Individuals who transact business through this discussion list are expected to adhere to ALPCA’s principles and policies of ethical practice.
As the owner of the ALPCA Discussion List, the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association does not endorse any products or services.

In addition, posts that are not directly related to club activities or license plate collecting will not be allowed. This includes, but is not restricted to, references of a political or religious nature, profanity, personal attacks against any individuals and messages that are disrespectful or uncivil in tone or language, or deemed by the moderator to incite a negative environment.

ALPCA regional meet discussions are welcome, but please refrain from submitting messages regarding eBay, vintage cars and other ancillary subjects.

Each posting will include the sender's name and/or membership number. Please be aware that most members choose to read or delete a message based upon the information provided in the subject line. PLEASE word the subject line of all submissions so that it is clear what your message is about. This will benefit everyone involved.

In order to avoid conflicting or confusing responses from Board members and officers regarding inquiries that deal with recent or current club policies and actions, the ALPCA Board of Directors has designated Secretary Scott Mitchell to be spokesperson for the entire Board in such instances. Further, it should be understood that the List Moderator has sole authority in accepting or rejecting submissions for posting to the List. His or her decision is final, and may not be appealed to the Board or Complaint Chairman.

Please be aware that replying to posts as you do with regular e-mails, will send your message only to the sender. Use 'reply all' to reply to the list. As a courtesy, you may delete the individual's address from the 'send to list,' to avoid having that person receive two copies of your message. Most email clients have a hotkey for doing this automatically (such as Control-Shift-R). Some (like Thunderbird) also have third-party add-ons to reply only to a list.

If you find that you're getting too many emails from the list, you may prefer the digest mode - where you get one email per day with all traffic from the list. To switch to digest mode, follow the link at the bottom of any list message, and use the section at the bottom of the page (called 'alpca-discuss Subscribers') to log in and change your
preferences to switch to digest mode.

Thanks for your interest -- enjoy!

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confirmation. You can also have your password sent to you by filling
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